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Apart from pregnancy or diseases or eternal damnation which other thing can u lose through fornication. If u say u can’t be successful I have seen a lot of people after commiting fornication repent and be great envagelist and powerful people. Just tell me why in the bible talked about it so well but u still see people living their normal lives in peace. I just want to grab d concept of consequence of fornication. Also if I have sex with her I love her soo I don’t just know. Thank u


  1. First and foremost, you can’t use SEX to prove LOVE to anyone.

    Sex and Love are to parallel lines that can only meet in MARRIAGE.

    So please dear, you have to come to terms with that fact

    1. There’s this thought that when two people are dating and one party, say the man, tries to maintain the relationship without having carnal knowledge of the lady, she starts getting the feeling that he’s getting it elsewhere. This may bring in mistrust and in turn, infidelity, because she may believe, based on her previous relationships/experience with men, that they want nothing but sex from women, that the current man in his life wouldn’t be any different from others she had encountered.

      For me, love is strengthened by so many things including sex, although all people do not respond to sex alike. There is a relationship that will break once it has been consummated in sex and there’s another that will be stronger and vice-versa. I stand to be corrected, not condemned.

      How many married people can swear that their first sexual intercourse was not done premaritally? How many people remain virgins until marriage? I even have a friend that got married sooner just because he couldn’t wait any longer to have sex and cannot risk it before marriage. Is that the best thing to do? What if he had marriage the wrong person because he still had so many years ahead of him to be a better person and meet better people?

      Most first sexual intercourses were not predetermined. Meanwhile, it is difficult to resolve that one would not go for it again once one had tasted it. In boys, the first ejaculation is usually caused by wet dreams which no one has control over, masturbation or pedophilia.

      How many people will disapprove of premarital sex if God had not disapproved of it? I know it comes with consequences, consequences that can be controlled but it is rigidly difficult, if not flexibly impossible, to be a virgin until marriage. Now let me paint a picture for you.
      Let’s assume that the age bracket for getting married is 25-35 years -let me agree that someone will remain virgin until then- what about those that get married very late in life (career pursuit) or those that were so unfortunate to remain unmarried till death, will they also remain virgins?
      Truth be told, people agitate no sex before marriage and justify it based on Christianity context. In absence of it, its relevance cannot be overemphasized.

      Quoting you, “love and sex are two PARALLEL LINES that meet at marriage.” Parallel lines can never meet, no matter how long they are.

      Thank you!

      1. Wauuu! Interesting.
        I admire your courage and perspective.
        However, I beg to make some contrary points.

        The misconception and mindset that your partner does not demand for sex because he or she is getting it elsewhere, is one of the devils trick.
        If he’s actually comfortable having sex with someone else, what then stops him from getting it from two free source.
        You should, rather, not trust the person that ask for sex in a relationship. It simply means he gets or use to get it elsewhere and now plans to add you to his list.

        Any relationship that becomes stronger because of sex or that has sex in its foundation will, in no distant time, be weaker when the partners become too familiar, possibly after marriage. That strong attraction and satisfaction will no longer be there and one who is already addicted will surely look for it elsewhere.

        That many got involved in premarital sex does not make the act less sinful.

        Even before the emergence of Christianity, our pagan forefathers abhorred premarital sex, in fact it was a taboo. The cherish purity and virginity more than our present generation.
        So, I won’t be wrong to say that this is not just a Christian thing.

        If I’m justified to have sex because I have the urge, then I should be justified to go robbery just because I need money. I’m sure you’re not comfortable with the later. Then why be comfortable with the former?
        Somebody who cannot control sexual urge till after marriage might not be able to stay with one partner.

        That God disapproves premarital sex is enough reason to cherish abstinence. If we don’t love God to obey Him, at least we should fear Him.

        Finally, Two parallel lines can be joined by a perpendicular line, which is marriage.

        Thank you very much
        I still admire your courage.

        1. Nicely articulated, love to opposite sex, siblings, parents etc are meant to be same before God. The compulsiveness between opposite sex to meet together is nature’s own arrangement for procreation. Whether they are in love or not is not necessarily important. Moreover, love in the later concept is a mutual benefit. D idea of two becoming one is a wonderful thing if it is done in a right perspective(Marriage).

  2. From the Christian point of view,
    When an act is sinful, the circumstances surrounding the action becomes insubstantial.

    Just as a good end does not justify the sinful means, a good reason does not justify the sinful act.
    Sex outside wedlock is sinful, the “because” is irrelevant.

    Also, that Mr A had the opportunity to repent after committing fornication does not imply that Mr B will have the same opportunity. What if he dies before reconciling with God.

    Our God is so generous that he gives rain and sunshine to both saints and sinners. That a sinner is successful is not a justification to go into or remain in sin.

    Finally, Eternal damnation is enough reason to avoid fornication. What shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose eternal Bliss.

  3. Well, realistically the opinion is not far from the truth because in our contemporary societies you see people who are bent in fornication excelling and succeeding in life. But the question is “is it morally right to fornicate”? NO. If one claims he is a Christian then why not behave like Christ and obey his commands but if you are not then I can’t judge you for the act but it’s better you re-think. You love doesn’t mean you should have sex with her without license.

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