Though in tears, I am delighted to share my most difficult moments with you. This is because I feel comfortable with the opportunity of anonymity.

My problem is very complicated but can be presented in few words. I have been living with my uncle from childhood and very comfortable with my cousins as we play together. But unfortunately, in these recent times, such cordial relationship is turning sexual with one of them (two years older than me). It began with mere romance but since two weeks, I have not been able to resist the urge of fornication (on three occasions). Worse still, she is very comfortable with the pitiable situation.

And I am afraid of the possibility of discontinuity, because even after the sacrament of confession and resolution never to repeat this inordinate act, sometimes, resistance is practically difficult.



  1. Good enough you have come to awareness that what you are doing is wrong.

    That is the first step towards change.

    You also need to decide to stop it.

    The consequences of your act should encourage you to stop it.

    Answer these questions:

    What if she becomes pregnant?

    What if your secret act becomes known publicly?

    Why am I feeling guilty after the act?

    Is God happy with my act?

    The answers you will get from these self examination will reveal the need to stop before people find out your act, which may be even more difficult for you to deal with.

    Next is to discuss it privately with her. The essence should be to lead her also to awareness. She is likely to become remorse if you are not judgemental about it.

    If she gains awareness, then both of you should decide on strategies to avoid recurrence.

    Both of you also needs to go for confession.

    What if she doesn’t want it to continue?

    My advice will be to maintain your decision to quit the act.

    Go for confession.

    Seek help from a trained counselor

    Then, leave the house if you can, to avoid occasion of temptation.

    In summary, self examination, awareness, decision, discussion, confession, counseling, and prayers , will help you overcome this addiction.

    May the Lord set you free.

  2. The fastest prayer answer on earth is that of calling on God when you have the urge. Give it a trial and you will testify it.
    Secondly, get your mind busy. Ideal mind is devil workshop. Think less of her and mediate on God’s word
    Third, give a distance if possible

    And finally think less of your past and present, never let it to way you down.
    In conclusion Mary Magdalen was once a prostitude but today a saint. She was opportune to has the inscription of Lord’s face,
    Therefore know your ground and move on. Do not be afraid u can do it.

  3. I was in a similar situation buh through God’s Grace I stopped before it metamorphose into something catastrophic . Here are my recommendations.
    1. Avoiding every occasion of sin is one of the greatest ways to avoid sin itself. You don’t just feel aroused all day long neither does she feel horny all day long as well. There are TRIGGERS that get these feelings up and running, Identify them and and put a halt to them, cause they’ll definitely get you into compound troubles.

    2. If you could relocate, it’ll do a whole lot of good to you as your reputation is at stake, she could get pregnant, the guilt is heinous knowing she’s your sister, and other aftermath it brings.

    3. I recommend you watch YouTube videos on breaking sexual sin and sexual related sins, they are quite helpful, as they practically guide you out of addictive immoral sins.

    4. Lastly and most importantly, ask God for help for we can’t do it on our own. Make firm resolutions to abstain from such act and back it up with CONSISTENT Prayer and Possibly a Novena.
    Even the Bible recognises that we are not able to fight sexual sin, but we can be able to take down every other sin through Christ who strengthens us, but sexual sin is of a different degree.
    Particularly, the Bible tells us to FLEE from sexual sin. You think you can handle it, you think you are in control of the situation till the deed is done, so the only way to avoid such is to FLEE.

    Finally, tell someone that knows you both well that you can confide in that won’t make you look like the worst sinner on earth. In this way you leave no skeletons in your cupboard walking with a clear conscience as you unite with God.

    You can still straight things up and make things right with God, He’s currently knocking at the door of your heart, asking for a permission to enter and dwell, yes He’s that Merciful.

  4. Thank you dear for sharing with us.

    The hardest part of solving a problem is discovering the problems.
    Thank God you have discovered it’s a problem and in search for solution.

    Firstly, let her know you’re no longer comfortable with the situation.
    And make her to understand the gravity of such action.

    I also suggest you both see a priest, together, for counselling.

    After that you take action based on your decision to quit,
    It’s not enough to decide not to sin, you should also avoid the occasions of that sin.
    So I suggest you both separate from each other.

    Finally, feed your mind with the scripture and take advantage of prayers to engage your mind.

    You will surely overcome.
    I promise you my prayers.

  5. Well, in life especially at a very vibrant young age, the sexual feeling of the chemistry of the body says to the boy ” go meet girl” and the girl ” go meet boy”. Is very natural but CAUTION must be exercised as this feeling can be controlled because it starts from the brain.
    My advice is to leave this place if possible to avoid catastrophe, shame, scandal and total humiliation and heart brokenness. She may one day by mistake get pregnant. You know the consequences of this within the family.
    Go for counselling in your nearby parish as you have already started in the right direction by going for confession. Build up your refusal skill by saying to her NO and mean it by both words and actions.Continue to soak yourself in seriously prayers. May God be with you.

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