Holy Week: Jesus of History and Mystery in a Journalistic Expose’ Vol. 1, No.15

Under the auspices of the unfathomable driving force that is inbuilt in passionate expressions, I wish to fly every heart, mind and soul to the ancient Jerusalem setting and Semitic culture through a free flowing space flight of reflections on the sensational passion that created an indelible mark and awesome impact in the redemptive history of mankind. This aims at making our active participation on the only holy week out of the 52 weeks of the year to be in good will yielding good fruits.

Moreover, this thoughtful reflection that may send chilly sensation down the neural spine of most compassionate Christians is based on a journalistic-historical approach rather than that of a spirited religious theologian. With its sources from a fundamental research that was done two jubilees ago by four “Fine journalist”; Mathew, Mark, Luke and John and other related sources. Nevertheless, it was articulated in bits, pieces and silvers of knowledge about the Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. Moreover, some interesting events that took place from Palm Sunday to the Wednesday before the dawn of the triduum were not excluded.



We have gone over the edge; we are in free fall plunging downwards into the abyss of the Lenten season and its glorious resultant effect.

On a cheery Sunday morning, {Palm Sunday}, it was gathered from the apostolic source that an operational environment was created for the proclamation of His kingship by those who later crucified him through the event of the triumphant entry into Jerusalem. It was observed that the cloths that people lay on the ground for him to pass as the king was not remembered again on the Friday following. On the course of the diurnal event, it was aid that there was a great shout of HOSANNA IN THE HIGHEST for Him. On the succeeding day of the Palm Sunday {MONDAY}, it was also reported that as he was moving towards the outskirts of Bethany with his apostles, He cursed the fruitless fig tree and went ahead to display some acts of violence and syllogism on the money changers at the temple in Jerusalem. An inner source revealed that His display of anger offered the chief priest more incentives to seek for ways of destroying Him.

Following subsequent consultations with the sacred tradition, it became apparent that the most intriguing event that took effect the following day {TUESDAY} was his interrogation by the Chief Priest, Scribes and Elders. “On whose authority do you exhibit these powers”? They queried. In return, He sententiously approached their envious inquisition with His wisdom and insight. Perhaps far from giving a convincing answer to their question he made them more confused and distracted. Even on the day preceding His betrayal {WEDNESDAY}, it was discovered that the scribes and Pharisees were still organizing a brainstorming session on how to arrest Him by stealth.

A top source from the agency, in the house of Simon the Leper, disclosed that He was anointed by a compassionate woman with expensive oil and consequentially the anointing of the oil created avenues for more suspicion on the man who is already in ‘trouble’. In spite of the salient statement of the Apostles against such a costly wastage, He responded affirmatively to the kind gesture of the woman saying “ she has anointed my body beforehand for burying” it was at the apogee of this incident that his traitor began to clear ground for an enabling environment of betraying him.


The betrayal of a trusted one is the betrayal of the heart, imagine your own brother, sister, friend or peer doing this, thus it must be someone, too bad it was Judas. A reliable report from the great apostles has it that there was even a tense stillness in the garden where he had been oscillating his willingness towards the terrible ordeal with sweat falling like drops of blood. In His uncertainty He lamented “Father, all things are possible for thee take away this cup from me” and on the contrary, He recounted “Father thy will be done not mine”.

Suddenly, in the twilight of His agony in the garden, the Roman soldiers, led by one of the men whom He washed their feet just before then, surrounded him and this nocturnal attack led to the shameful disappearance of His apostles into darkness, each in a bid to save his own skin. Well, from subsequent findings, He was therefore, seized, bound and taken into custody to be questioned and maligned with alleged reasons. In addition to the interrogation and harassment maliciously offered to him; they spit on Him, covered His face and stroke Him in his ignorance of, and inability to anticipate the next blow which may be to the head, the face, or even the member.

Coincidentally, he suffered severe head injuries through a crown of thorns as an act of a psychological degradation. As if they had just began the torments, they took Him behind closed door and assembled the whole company of soldiers, No source unfolded what they must have done with the innocent man before they mockingly dressed Him in a seemingly royal purple? It is believed that on that same night, before the dawn of His crucifixion, according to the available witnesses, He was thrown into the Roman prison, in spite the physical maltreatment of prisoners which is common in Roman jail.


GOOD FRIDAY: his crucifixion bought salvation

The background of insinuations in some quarters emerged that it was only few people that heard about His arrest through the grape vine. As the small crowd gathered to watch the horrific scene of the crucifixion procedures, we got that He looked pretty knocked about as he walked along the rocky streets of Calvary carrying the heavy cross on which He would be hanged. At three distinct occasions He stumbled, tired to the extent of allowing Simon of Cyrene to help, veronica’s towel was soaked with His bloody face, the Jerusalem women could not wipe their tears for Him. Apart from hanging between two criminals for a sin He never committed, carnal soldier pierced Him with a lance.

Those who followed the trend of the crucifixion remarked that as He was lying helplessly on the cross, the hands which clenched in anger at the suffering of the poor were opened wide to receive the hammering nails while the alleged criminals were tied to their respective crosses. Already conditioned to die by the cross, He was offered vinegar to drink rather than water. Finally, He died to the sympathy of the passer-bys, and buried in a borrowed tomb, the report concluded.


Further reports stated that on the following day after His death {HOLY SATURDAY} a lot of things have gone wrong, the people are already angry with the elders even though they supported the crucifixion, Peter and the rest of the Apostles took to their heels just few hours after the breaking of bread, the washing of their feet and teaching them the meaning of love.

In a secluded spot, was His mother, really putting the whole things in her heart in a conflagration of somber mood and loneliness. In a memory shrouded with a sorrowful garment of distress, she remembers the day of His birth and the faithful day they presented Him in the temple, where an old man prophesied that a sword would pierce her heart. Previously, she never knew whether to believe Him as a wise man, mad man or that the man has grown senile.

Nevertheless, we learnt that the most tragi-comic incidence that corrupted the day was that, as the women who stood near the place of execution were preparing for the foolhardy plan of visiting the tomb at the first light once the Sabbath is over, the 11 apostles remaining were hiding somewhere in another city as their faith lives have begun to collapse like a block of flats that is being demolished.

In spite of the frailties and flaws of the apostles when their master was in hostage and in the realm of sheol, sacred scripture has it that His resurrection produced a massive input of energy and motivation for them. From being a frightened group of grieving followers they were in some way transformed into a joyful and confident community of faith, willing to go out and risk certain death in order to tell the masses about the event of the resurrection.

The truth is that our salvation is already bought and paid for by the one most high and Lord Jesus Christ. The whole history of the package is what we are called to learn at the holy week with its culmination at the Triduum. We are hence admonished to find our place, by our way of life, among the different genuine characters that were found in the crucifixion and death of Jesus.

Be sure not to ridicule yourself like Judas for the sake of worldly things.


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  1. Wow. This article is a world class. It is very touching and simply leads the spirit along the bitter road of the sorrowful journey of the cross.

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