Our Blessed Lord said in John 14:1, ” in my Father’s house, there are many mansions there”. But some people take it to be that there are houses in heaven.

We can only understand this to be wrong if we reflect on the type of body that can be United with God on the last day. It’s not this physical body that we possess here on Earth. Rather a glorified body with the following characteristics…

Impassibility, that is a body that will not suffer sickness or death anymore.

Subtlety, that is a body that can permeate through closed doors and windows.

Agility, that’s a body that can travel to any distance within a twinkle of an eye.

Clarity, a body that will not have any deformity. Even if someone was physically deformed while on Earth, that will not resurrect with a glorified body.

Let us therefore, bear it in mind that heaven is a State of blessedness that can never be filled and not just a space. For the body that can share such glory is not a matter.

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