I know of a Christian committed fellow, who doesn’t joke with his spiritual life, remain pure till 22years of age, attended mixed school for girls and Boys, had friends out there.

But the problem is that he has no feelings for the opposite gender because of this he doesn’t go out with people because he thinks it’s really better to be alone, he loves quit some male folks but he vowed never to do anything with anyone cause of his faith.

His problem is that people think this isn’t natural but here he is passing through such. He was never abused or had any of such experiences, he just discovered it was who he is or was.

What’s the say on this, is it better he accepts himself and seek love or remain the way he is for ever, note he has more female friends than male but no feelings for any

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  1. Humble greetings my good people. I don’t think he has any problem from my personal experience because our body chemistry differs and our environment (people/things/life challenges around us ) effects us too from birth. And just as many have commented ,I believed that with time feeling will come naturally.


    First and foremost, you should understand that you can only build a relationship, you don’t manufacture one.

    So if somebody you want to be in a relationship with or marry shows no interest in you, that should neither discourage nor scare you away. But don’t force him or her into a relationship, instead try and build one.

    Don’t be in a hurry; love, patience and consistency are the pull to draw him closer to you.

    You can also give him space for a while. Don’t be too clingy/available but not too distant for a long while. He will surely come looking for you if his feelings are genuine.

    If you feel he likes you but fails to profess it, don’t die presuming and hoping. Don’t think he must be the one to show interest, try to show your own interest and observe his response closely.
    If you observe he’s uncertain, take bold action and ask. Only then can you be certain.

    Some signs that a guy truly loves you include but not limited to;

    He looks/stares at you more often than normal. An introvert will always look away when you look at him but an extrovert will even smile at you and maintain his gaze.
    He will always listen and engage you in meaningful conversation.
    He tries to get a detailed information about you from friends
    If he remembers every bit of information about you that an ordinary person would forget, e.g your birthday, full name, etc.
    He will always want to be physically and emotionally close to you.
    He commits his time and resources to you wellbeing.
    He always discuss every detail of his life, including future plans, with you.
    He will always profess his feelings for you.
    He will be proud and willing to show/take you to his friends and family.
    He will always ask for your opinion.
    He will be sensitive to your feelings and always ask how you are doing.
    He respects not just you, but your family and friends as well.
    He will always trust you.
    No matter how egoistic he nay with others, he becomes humble when he comes to you.
    He’s ready to marry you and build the future together.

    Finally, try to always be happy and cheerful. The man who loves you is always watching.
    Don’t be desperate but be friendly.

    Don’t forget to pray to God. Ask for His wisdom and guidance. He will surely see you through.

  3. 7) what will you do when a guy you love (and wish to marry/ fiance) is acting indifferent to your feelings?

      1. I think that’s the best thing to do.
        You can take the bold action and ask.
        Only then can your decision be fair and right.

    1. As a lady, if his indifference becomes unbearable, I will quietly quit my loving madness towards him, because such attitude from him, will affect my Marital life and Bliss.

    2. For me, first I will call him by talking sense into his head with a romantic voice and other thing that will make him change the indifferent attitude but If the attitude still continues, then I Must back out because I think a relationship is best when the guy love more instead of the other way round.

      1. “relationship is best when the guy love more instead of the other way round.”

        Ladies will always learn to love

        Thank you for that.

  4. 6) How do you tell if a guy (your crush) is confused about his feelings for you? Maybe he’s not certain if he loves you or not, but you love him dearly.

    1. I will be very sceptical about him ooo. If I am a lady, I will prefer to marry someone who loves me and then I will make effort to respect and love him

    2. If a guy is confused about his feelings for you, then check well. Maybe he’s already in a relationship or possible he’s shy.
      You will observe that his attitude towards you is not consistent.
      If you observe he’s not certain, then be bold and ask him.
      Ask him how he feels. Ask him his intention about the relationship.
      If he has nothing tangible to say, sounds very vague or feels angst or embarrassed by your question, then know you that he has no plan for you.

  5. 5) How do you know that a guy loves you but is scared of expressing his feelings for you?

    1. What could actually make a man to be scared of expressing his feelings for a girl she loves?
      Maybe he has been in a bad relationship before and was heartbroken, so he doesn’t want to take chances.

      Here are some observations that can reflect such;
      He will be reluctant to let you go, even though he will not say it. But you can observe it.
      He will not tell how much he cares about you but his action will speak so loud.
      Sometimes, he will avoid you and not talk to you or pretend not to have seen you.

  6. 4) How can you know that a guy likes you but hides his feelings from you for one reason or the other?

    1. You can’t know for certain if he has feelings for you if he doesn’t show it. And building hope that someone loves you when he never made such indication either in words or action, is not something to encourage. No need looking for signs, if you actually love him you can initiate the action and observe his response.
      However, if you pay close attention you will be able to tell to some extent if he does love you.
      For instance;
      You may observe that he always stares at you and tends to look away once there’s an eye contact.

    2. When someone has feelings for you, the person will be drawn to you. The person will appreciate everything you say and do unconsciously.

    1. Why not!
      Just the way you can decide not to eat even when you’re hungry, one can decide not to show or make obvious his feelings. That is self-control.
      Maybe he’s not yet ready for any commitment and don’t see need for emotional attachment.

  7. 2) Is “a grownup guy or lady not having/showing feelings for the opposite gender” a sign of Homosexuality?

    1. Every normal human being should have the feeling. Showing it depends on interest and priority but if it is not there at all, then we can suspect Homosexuality.

    2. Such conclusion is highly erroneous. Those feelings might be there, but he just decided to regulate or not to act on them for one reason or the other.

    1. You’re right dear
      Communication is a sign
      If the relationship lacks communication, then there is a but
      Likewise contact

      Thanks for you contribution

    2. This can also be factors to consider

      If he doesn’t spend time with you for any meaningful conversation nor give you listening ear.
      If he has never planned anything with you, no matter how small.
      If he’s always in a hurry when with you or even avoid crossing your path, not answering nor return your calls.
      If he is not proud of telling people about you.
      If he is indifferent to your advances (also note that it’s possible he is not even aware of your advances, he’s aware but don’t know how to respond, or he has no interest in you).

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  9. I think people are just paranoid for nothing reading too much meaning into the slightest things.
    He’s just 22 and has his whole life ahead of him.
    The feelings will come when he meets the right person.Dragging his sexuality into this is uncalled for.

  10. There is a difference between not having feelings at all and controlling ur feelings always,,if he doesn’t have feelings at all then he needs help, or maybe he hasn’t seen someone that he really loves cos feeling comes natural, absence of feeling has nothing to do with spirituality.

  11. There is a difference between not having feelings at all and controlling ur feelings always,,if he doesn’t have feelings at all then he needs help, or maybe he hasn’t seen someone that he really loves cos feeling comes natural, absence of feeling had nothing to do with spirituality.

  12. Don’t worry about him. The feeling will rush out when the time comes. Time will tell. Let him be himself and no one should rush him into anything for now. At least, he communicates well both both boys and girls.

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