An interactive session between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House.


Venue: Bed Briefing WhatsApp House.

Date: 20 December, 2020.

Moderator: Mr Ojobo Kingsley.

Time: 8:30pm.

Collator: Miss Adaobi Obiekezie.

Today, being the forth and last Sunday of Advent, the holy mother Church presents to us two readings and the holy gospel, which points to Jesus, the Messiah to come.
Many people at one point or the other had made claims to be the Saviour and some still profess to be the messiah. However, the reading today tells us that there is only one true messiah, Jesus of Nazareth the only begotten Son of God and Mary.
The first reading presents to us the prophecy of Nathan, that the descendant of David will inherit an eternal kingdom. The Gospel presented Jesus as that Messiah, the king who will sit on the throne of his father David forever. In the second reading, St Paul glorifies God for the mystery which has been disclosed in the person of Christ.
Our topic still remains – GOD! YOUR DECISION IS BEST FOR ME
Just as Mary’s response to Angel Gabriel’s message – “…let it be to me according to your words.”
When the Angel appeared to Mary, he greeted her saying “Hail, *full of grace,* the Lord is with you!”

And this brings us to our first question.

1) What does it mean to be *full of grace?*

**** When a basket is full of oranges, it simply means that the basket contains nothing but oranges and has no space left for any other fruit.
If grace keeps us above sin, then She who is full of grace is without sin and has no room for sin.
The salutation of the angel Gabrielβ€” Hail, full of grace β€”is an indication of a unique abundance of grace, which points to nothing but the Immaculate Conception of Mary.

Full of grace simply means that she is without sin before and during conception and has no space for sin even after conception. In other words, she is Immaculate.
.The Angel continued by telling her not to be afraid, “for you have found *favour with God.”*

Which points to the fact that it’s not by her own doing/power.
God made it so… She is simply enjoying the favour of God, as the “handmaid of the Lord.”..
So, why are some people envious that God decided to favour her?Do they want to fight God? Or God did not choose well?
Do you think God’s decision is not the best, as against our topic “GOD! YOUR DECISION IS BEST FOR ME?”
****God will always make the right and best decision.
They are simply being jealous…

After the angel finished talking, did you observe that Mary was quietly listening to God’s message?
Unlike most of us that will always like to talk to God instead of to listen.
She only spoke, when the angel was done with the message.

And Mary now asked, “how will this be, since I know not man?”
So the question here is,: assuming your sister is already engaged and about to get married or newly married, and you tell her that she will give birth to a bouncing baby boy, do you expect her to make Mary’s type of response?*
After all she will be married soon and will definitely give birth to children.

Mary was already betrothed to Joseph and even lived with him. So
* Why did she ask such a question?*

Whenever I tell my younger sister that she will give birth to twins
She will just shout amen, even when she is not married
So why is Mary’s case different.???
******: Mary vowed to God as a young girl to remain a virgin all her life….
Some ancient writing has it that Mary already took vow of Chastity and Celibacy. She already decided to be a perpetual Virgin and Joseph was ready to live with her as she is, without having any canal knowledge of her.
But this could be the only reason why she could ask such question.
Though, betrothed to Joseph, they already had it in mind to live as celibates.
So which other way will God do this with her not breaking her vow? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

That was the question Mary asked…
God is Almighty and omnipotent you know?
That is why you should always say – “GOD! YOUR DECISION IS BEST FOR ME”….

God made it possible that Mary conceived Jesus free of sexual act. And Elizabeth at her old age also conceived.

The Holy Spirit came upon Mary and she was overshadowed by the power of the most high.

In conclusion,

Mary submitted to the will of God, And God’s decision was best for her.

Let’s imitate her and always say, ” let it be done to me according to your word.”
God’s decision is always the best for us.

In today’s gospel (Luke 1:26-38), Mary asked Angel Gabriel *”how will this be, since I know not a man?”* And the angel told her how.

In the gospel of yesterday (Luke 1:5-25), Zachariah asked the same Angel Gabriel *”How shall I know this? For I’m an old man and my wife is advanced in years.”* And the Angel cursed him saying *”… you will be silent and unable to speak…”* In other words, he was made dumb.

Now my questions are;

**Was God fair/just?

**Was Mary’s response different from Zechariah’s response?

**Why did God treat them differently?

In my little understanding…

Yes, God is just. Him alone defines justice. He replied each one of them according to their request.

Mary’s response was completely different from Zechariah’s response.
*Mary already believed,* but since she vowed to remain a virgin, there was need to ask how it will happen. This was to enable her plan herself better for the task ahead, she needs to know her role in God’s plannn, since she is ready to do God’swill. *She was simply asking the angel to tell her more about this beautiful plan of God.*

On the other hand, Zachariah asked the angel *”How shall I know this? …”*
He was *looking for a sign, * he needed a *miracle before he will believe.* He was looking for something that will make him believe, he was simply putting God to a test.

Finally, God treated each of them according to his or her request.
Mary asked the angel to explain better, and the Angel did.
Zachariah asked for a sign and the angel gave him a sign, he was made dumb.
“…God prove to me that you are God, come down and do miracles, manifest your power, etc…”*

This has become a common prayer in our lips, but we have to be careful ooo. What if God decides to give you a sign as he did to Zechariah?πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈπŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ
He became silent/dumb till John was born. That was the miracle/sign God chose for him….

You better ask God to explain if you did not understand and not asking for a sign/miracle.
No need asking for a sign, since we already agreed that *God’s Decision is best for us.*

May God give us the grace to trust Him and believe all His word, even without seeing its manifestation.

Faith needs no sign to believe
Faithlessness and lack of trust in God will always demand a sign.
*Do you have faith and trust in God?*

General Question:

I came across a book that explained how Mary was born and even watched it
The parents made a vow that if God blesses them with a child,they will give it back to him as his servant in the temple.
How come then that she later got Married,abi Religious life never exists in their time??

As of then, there was nothing like Rev Sisters.
She was dedicated to the *Service of God* as a young girl
That never implied that she will not marry.
In other words, she was dedicated as an “altar server” if it was to be our time.
That does not negate the fact that she was also betrothed to Joseph.

However, on her own according to ancient authors, she decided to remain a Virgin not that she entered the convent as we have it today…

May the God lord bless us and keep His words in our hearts, through Christ our Lord.

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