Get Rich Quick Syndrome Amongst Young People; Causes and Effects Vol. 10. No. 2

Get Rich Quick Syndrome Amongst Young People; Causes and Effects

An interactive discussion between the moderator and members of the bed briefing family on the topic: Get Rich Quick Syndrome Amongst Young People; Causes and Effects

Date: 4th February 2021

Time : 7:00 pm

Venue: Bed Briefing House via telegram

Moderator: Mr. Collins Dnony Ezea

Collator: Miss Benita Aniebo

Over the years making money has always been based on productivity and Success, but recently the order has changed, people now prioritise making money at all means to the normal productivity and success. This has become a sociological problem that must be handled and talked about.

Is making money early bad?

No but People don’t really care, they now think that money is regulated by age and time and so they must find ways to get the money.

Why should money be age bound?

Because people now have a social constructism to money hinged on age etc.

What do you think is the cause of Get rich quick syndrome?

Peer pressure, To feel among, poverty(When the person hasn’t really had a chance to handle money and some that are poor or have ailing family members would feel the need to get rich quick).


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The alleged gruesome murder of Favour Dailey-Oladele by her boyfriend, Owolabi Adeeko, trended recently. Favour, a final year student of Theater Arts, Lagos State University (LASU) was allegedly murdered for ritual purposes. News of the incident elicited wide condemnation. The confessional statement that detailed what happened to poor Dailey-Oladele is a true reflection of man’s inhumanity to man.  To think that a supposed boyfriend planned and executed the death of his own girlfriend is out of this world. That he took up a pestle to smash his innocent girlfriend’s head while she was sleeping, just for him to perform money ritual not only blood cuddling but also beastly.

Favour’s journey to a gruesome end began when Owolabi complained to his evil ‘pastor’ friend how tough things were for him the best advice the white garment church pastor offered was for him to bring his girlfriend for ritual purposes, and he did. The pastor sold the idea, provided the pestle and became the butcher that dissected the victim’s body, to harvest her organs and prepare an edible concoction.

Well, if after the police investigations Owolabi and his pastor were found guilty, a small portion of hell would wait for the self-acclaimed pastor.  I have imagined the excitement and fun when the alleged criminal, Owolabi, invited Favour to accompany him to Osun State. Apparently, she would have thought it was one of those flings lovers engage in while dating. She had no inkling of what awaited her. She had apparently hoped to regale her friends with tales of the romantic tryst with her boo, after returning from Osun State. Poor Girl! Only if she had known she was travelling with a human demon and would not return to tell the story of the romantic escapade with Owolabi.


Now, to think that Owolabi’s mother ate the concoction prepared with Favour’s organs is a story for another day. Clearly, the land is bleeding with blood, very red blood everywhere. The land is no longer green but red. The hands of Owolabi’s mother, Owolabi himself and the evil pastor, who are alleged to be the culprits in cannibalistic incident are stained with blood. Blood ritual is not acceptable in this part of the land. The Oladele family ended the year, 2019, soaked with the tears of the pain of losing their daughter.

Interestingly, one thread runs through most of the girl-child killings and that is the quest to get rich fast. If Owolabi and his team of heartless money mongers had succeeded in their devilish plans, he would have been one of the happening big boys on campus with other girls flocking around him like bees after nectar, not knowing the source of his wealth.

As the bible says, the love of money is the root of all evils, and it is what drives devilish acts. Money is good and solves quite a lot of problems but the speed with which the young ones are getting into criminalities with brazen audacity to make money should be a societal concern. When and how did the country descend to this level of inhumanity, all in pursuance of money? Who is competing with who? How did the spirit of contentment disappear from the present generation? It is so disturbing that these characters are planning to be the future leaders of the nation, who would occupy high places in government, the judiciary, executives, become entrepreneurs, leaders of thought in various fields of life with this sort of mindset, attitude and outlook should disturb all.

Is it too hard making money legitimately?

People think it is and most times it is.

What is the consequence of this social disorder of ‘get rich quick’?

The major consequences of this is that It makes people think that they are a certain level to make money, they social construct how money is to be made, it puts so much pressure on persons especially the youth who thinks if they don’t get it at such level they cannot make money again..

Money has no mechanism, it can come at any level, any time and at any moment what matters is how productive and hardworking you are..

A lot of people forget that life is stagical and has moments, people would do all sort of things in other to prove something that is not necessarily important. Which brings the question why the rush, when one can still legally get what he or she gives to life.

Money is good, making money in young age is good, getting rich on time is also good and lovely but people should not be in a haste to get rich quick, things in life should be moderated and be kept at a cautioned level. No time is too late to start, and no time is too late to make money, we shouldn’t do things like Armed robbery, Rituals and kidnapping which is the negative consequence of the Get Rich syndrome. We can change the narrative!

God bless you!

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