I’m a student of University of Nigeria nsukka also a member of NFC

I am in a problem that I need to share here before I go mentally ill.

I have been in a relationship for 3 years thinking that I will end up with the person because I promised myself that I will marry someone I will first date. The truth is that I am a type that doesn’t like all this relationship stuff I might like a guy but once you tell me anything about boy/girl stuff there is this type of hatred I usually develop until I meet this guy from my place 3years ago, I loved this guy so much that I am always afraid of loosing him.

We do normally discuss marriage issue but he usually tell me that his father said they shouldn’t have inlaw like 2people from the same family should not go to the same village to marry but he will always assure me that he will talk to his people. So Fr this last week I discovered that the same guy is asking for my best friends hand in marriage.

They have been talking and seeing each other and the same do also tell me to come and see him while I don’t know he is making plans to marry another. So since that last week I have not slept neither have I eaten.

And I stay together with this my best friend. I used to love this girl so much that I wanted my elder brother to go for her but since I found out there is this kind hatred am developing towards her which I am begging God not to allow me develop that.

I have never in my life planned anything against someone since I was born I can swear to that I just wish if you can help me pray for emotional healing and words of advice.

Seriously am dying inside knowing fully well that I have sinned against my creator because of this guy



  1. My dear, you should be grateful to God for saving you from the worst.

    God is ever ready to forgive us and heal our wounded and troubled hearts, just look up to God and give Him (God) a chance.

    It might not be easy, but it is possible to forgive both the guy and the girl, and move on with your life.

    Better days ahead.

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