Evaluation of Western and African Worldview. Vol. 4, No. 3

The cradle of human history is found within any age best described as primitive. The anthropological discoveries of Freezer and Nadel made us to believe that modern man (including the werterner) evolved through religion, philosophy and science. It is against this backdrop that we can lend credence to the fact that religion, civilization and culture, festivals rites of passage, art and music, myths and legends, superstitions et cetera, are all universal in character. No race can claim to be free from these human realities.
However, the African person has refused to grow beyond his or her superstitious realities or consciousness. As a result of this, we have become very far from civilization and development. Not even the African most literate university professors are free from this web of religious fronts of human evolutionary confusion.
We do not intend to downplay the virtues of religion and authentic revelation. But our approach to these supernatural realities should not be unreasonable and superstitious. I shed tears when I heard that a mother whose only child was at the point of death, decided to rush her to the house of a “pastor”, who after several prayers advised her to bathe that helpless baby with cold water at exactly 12am. Of course, it was only the intervention of a reasonable and true Christian that brought that poor child back to life when condition became very critical. Our God is the light that gives rise to thought and he expects us to be guided by such a rational thought. Europe and America were not free from the web of these superstitions until they became opened to the discovery of better and more effective means to approach reality and truth. Unfortunate for us, we are not yet free from the religio-mythical approach to nature and causality. And unlike us, the Westerner has a more logical conception that enables them to appropriate their environment with a consciousness of God’s gift of dominion to men over every other creature (cf. Gen 1:28). God was not unaware of sicknesses when he offered man the ability to study medicine. And He who is everywhere must not expect a dying child to come to the house of a “man of God” instead of hospital, before he can extend his healing hands upon him. Only what is required is prayer with good faith. God has given us the gifts and intelligence through which we can attend to our weaknesses under his auspices. These are the gifts that have enabled humanity to develop a wonderful history, from the printing press to the steam engines and to the micro-chips; from Galileo to Newton, and from Newton to Einstein, then to the Quantum and the nuclear power. Above all, God is the ultimate source of these series of human inventions. On the other side of the spectrum, we ought to appreciate African sense of sacredness. It is the special value that has helped to sustain Christianity which has been abandoned in the West. And this religion has contributed maximal to the formation of a good conscience through faith and morals in African especially for those who know the true meaning of religion. Only one thing remains; to live by the principle that virtue lies in the middle. We have to be conscious of undue vertical concentration and the neglect of the horizontal aspect of life. To be guided by superstition offers no gain than to wallow in darkness, in ignorance that will end us in despair and despondent .

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