Good morning Let’s Talk it Friends

There’s this guy I love so much.
I think he loves me too but he Has never mentioned it to me for like five years😒 We talk and act like lovers. I’ve gone to his home severally. His family also treats me like their own, his mom always calls me to check up on me.
He doesn’t joke with me. But I’m worried that he hasn’t confessed his feelings to me yet with particular reference for marriage.

Do I ask him out myself or just continue to play dumb????

5 thoughts on “DO I ASK HIM OUT MYSELF?

  1. “He cannot eat his cake and still have it.”

    Is either he is or he is not, he can’t be outside and shot the door.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Some men find it difficult to say “I love you” when they are not very sure or when other burning issues to consider as implications of the profession of love. Such men need prompting and sometimes reassurance from the partner to help him manage the implications of professing love. I therefore think that the girl involved can go ahead and discuss with him so that he has opportunity to discuss his difficulties. The lady involved should make up her mind for any kind of response from the partner. If one door closes, a better door will most likely open, only to be seen by a descerning searcher. Prayer is the key. The lady involved need to pray feverntly to seek Devine direction so that the discussion will end in praise either way.

    1. Thank you Prof.
      Pray and meet him for a discussion.
      And accept your fate for good.
      “If one door closes, a better door will most likely open…”

  3. This kind of relationship needs definition dear. He loves you but might be seeing you as a sister and on the other hand, he loves you and might also want to go to the next level with you but might be scared that you will see him as a brother. So I advice you to talk to him and tell him that you want to know who you are to him and he shouldn’t mince words that you’d take anything you hear. Before meeting him pray ooo for God to guide you to give the right response to what he has to say.
    Don’t tell him you love him before talking to him if not it’ll affect what he has to say and please don’t ask him on a date before you two talk. You might not like the outcome of being the one asking him out. Fashii this nonsense about 21st century ladies ask guys out. That’s one reason many guys are now acting like chickens. They don’t want to man up and get their lady.
    You are a treasure okay…

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