Condemnation of Selfish Lovers Vol.4, No.25

Before we start to discuss the instances of selfish lovers as we did for selfless lovers on Sunday, let us seize two paragraphs to finish up the qualities of selfless lovers.
The good will disposition of the selfless lovers is usually transparent. The roles of Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth and the Magi are indicative of the above point. Mary accepted the message not necessarily for her own personal good but for the good of the whole human race. Joseph accepted the message about Mary’s mysterious conception for the well being of his wife. Elizabeth showed her own goodwill for Mary as the mother of her Lord visiting her. The Magi goodwill among other things clearly presented itself by not going back to King Herod as he requested with bad will.
Above all, selfless lovers are selfless givers. They give without counting the cost. The indispensability of giving for selfless lovers has been put thus by Richard Brownsterin. “It is possible to give without loving, but it is impossible to love without giving”. The gift of Jesus Christ is unquantifiable and immeasurable. Selfless lovers give most valuable and most significant gifts in every society. The gifts of the Magi were valuable and significant because they were selfless lovers.
As against the above background, we must condemn in strong terms those who celebrate selfish love during Christmas. This is celebrating Christmas with hidden agenda, wrong motive, and negative intention and, in fact, bad will.
The patron of selfish lovers is King Herod. In spite of the fact that he claimed to be interested in seeing the new born king, to adore and worship him, he could not hide the vices associated with selfish love – deceit, pride, wickedness, murder, insensitivity and above all, impatience. Selfish lovers usually end up in disappointment and disgrace.
Other selfish lovers were those who rejected the Holy family when Mary and Joseph were searching for a place to put to bed. A total rejection that made them to end up in a manger. The soldiers of Herod is another group of selfish lovers. They heartlessly decided to carry out the wicked injunction of their king. They could not pity the Holy innocent infants but slaughtered them mercilessly. Similarly, in our world today, some political thugs kill innocent people for the sake of money. A sign of man’s inhumanity to man.
Others, who like King Herod, celebrate selfish love during Christmas include those who negatively maximize profits in business, acquire wealth by foul means, lustful hunting for the opposite sex, ritual killing, gambling, hoarding, drinking and getting drunk, breeding violence and so on. Such people usually end up with unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases (STD, aids, etc), abortion, drug abuse, and shameful death.
In line with our reflection we say that this year’s Christmas is a special one. This is predicated on the fact that this 2018 World Synod of Bishops is on Young People and Vocational Discernment. Christmas is one of the avenue for social jamboree among young people. However, we young people should allow the infant Jesus to turn our natural optimism into Christian hope, our energy into moral virtue, our good will into genuine self sacrificing love. Let us keep our heart above the ephemeral satisfaction of the senses and needless cares of life. We should not be stupefied with earth’s goods, nor be excessively preoccupied with its anxieties. Let us be watchful, awake and concerned about heavenly realities. This is the path to a fulfilled life. This is the path to overcoming all that threaten hope, virtue, and love in our lives and in our culture. In this way, our youth will be a gift to Jesus and to the World. HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE!!!

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