Clarifications on the Family Root. Vol. 3, No. 25

We do not intend to give a professional definition to the term “Family Root”, which may require the views of many authors who have variously reflected on this and severally thrusted into the limelight, their own conceptual analysis of this compound term. That will be pretty difficult and unnecessary in communicating our message. However, we shall attempt to elucidate the contextual meaning just as the name implies.
Family root is an imagery description of the family as a tree with roots, trunks, branches, and leaves in which there is mingling of nutrients from the root of the tree to the leaves. The root represent the ancestors who live long ago, the leaves represent generation of the family.
Organically, fruitfulness of a tree depends highly on the healthiness of its root hence if the root is feeble and diseased, the buds, leaves and branches would also not be in a good state. Following this analogy, it is assumed and even believed by many that any family that is encountering problems or difficulties, whether supernatural or physical, could be traced to their root which is their dead ancestors.
And for the proponents of this line of thought, unless the root is healed,’ (ie. The healing of a dead ancestor) through an arranged prayer warfare in the family compound, the bonds of the tree, (that is the present generation of the family) will continue to wilt and dry up. Simply put, family toot therefore simply means a continuum in which the past lives on in the present.
Many families especially in Africa (Nigeria to be precise) have fallen victims of this belief. And surprisingly, they believe that it works for them. But funnily enough, in spite of the many occasions of prayer sessions in such family, their problems continue to live with hem. And instead of thinking otherwise, they would gather to make arrangement for a higher “Man of God” who they feel is most specialized in this exercise of healing the family root. And after the spiritual activities of the whole night, they may feel a higher sense of relief until another family problem germinates from the purported “evil” root. Perhaps a permanent healing of the root has not been feasible. But if I may ask, a promising young man who has been well settled by his master in a business venture after 8 years of active service, but decided to get married first before beginning his own business, why should such a person be attributing his downfall to his great grand fathers who died even before his father was born? What other root problem is more transparent here that the sudden liability (wife) he has brought upon himself. On another note, why should a young woman whose character from childhood is very far from the pre-requisite of a wife material, be attributing her misfortune (lack of husband) to the great grandmother whom the so called ‘Man of God’ prophesied to have committed several abortions while she was alive? We need to know more about the nature of our God beyond this superstitious claims. The series continue!

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