There has been soo much noise about the covid 19 vaccine on social media. Some are saying its part of the Antichrist mechanics while some are saying its a population group’s method of reducing world population. And some are of the opinion that its not bad to take a vaccine against the virus. So its so noisy and I don’t know what to believe anymore. Please what’s your take on this

One thought on “CLARIFICATION ON COVID-19 VACCINE Vol. 9. No. 20

  1. Truly, there has been a lot of noise about the Covid 19 vaccine, some quite controversial and confusing.
    Regarding the claims by conspiracy theorists about it being part of the antichrist mechanics or a ruse to reduce the black population, I don’t worry my head about it, for two main reasons-
    1. At the beginning of the pandemic, there was also the 5G theory, which some pastors even bought into and touted. We know how that fizzled away.
    2. I believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is fully capable of fighting His own battle and exposing the antichrist, without my own worries.

    Then, about the science of the vaccine, many questions have also been raised, such as: why was a vaccine made so quickly, when no vaccine has been found for malaria, HIV, common cold etc; since the vaccine is genetic material, won’t it change our genetic make up? These are the main questions being asked and they should be genuine concerns. Well, some answers are available, based on what science can offer now, but we know that no answers can be absolute. Answers change as more information becomes available. So, what is science saying now?
    1. That vaccines have not been found for malaria, HIV and others does not mean they can’t ever be found. Scientists are still researching on these. One logical explanation for the speed of Covid vaccine is the desperation with which it was pursued. None of these other diseases presented the kind of threat to the entire human population at the same time as Covid did and is still doing. Of all these others, only HIV ever reached the stage of being a pandemic, but its rate of killing was nothing compared to Covid. HIV is a slow killer. Scientists had enough time to research and come up with solutions. There is still no vaccine for HIV, but research has provided solutions to the point that people can live full lives even with HIV. Besides, with what Covid has forced scientists to learn in this pandemic, these other vaccines may come quicker after the world has finished with the killer Covid.
    2. About whether the vaccine will change humans genetically? The genetic make up of an individual changes when it is altered either by mutations or integration of foreign DNA. The latter is the issue of concern here as the vaccine is a genetic material (messenger RNA or mRNA). However, the rule of genetics is that mRNA is translated into protein, not DNA. mRNA cannot be integrated into the DNA of an individual. For mRNA to be changed to DNA and integrate, there must be an enzyme called reverse transcriptase. This is what happens in HIV infection, where the reverse transcribed DNA integrates into the host cell DNA, causing the infected cell to continually replicate it and causing slow destruction (HIV is a slow infection). Reverse transcriptase is not made by humans (in the case of HIV, the virus brings it), so if Covid mRNA is injected into humans, it has two possible fates only – be destroyed or translated into protein. The mechanism being hoped for in this new technology is that the injected mRNA, which codes for the protein that helps infection, will now be translated inside the host, the protein not the virus will be produced inside in small quantities, the immune system will see it and produce the necessary antibodies, so that when the virus eventually comes around, the antibodies will already be there and waiting to clear it – that’s the science.
    1. Although the science is right, the coronaviruses, including the one that causes common cold, are notorious for rapid mutations and recombinations which produce variants quickly – the main reason there is no vaccine for common cold. What is the guarantee that this Covid 19 will not act true to character, as we’re already seeing and quickly render the vaccines useless?
    2. In places like Nigeria, where the death rate is less than 2% (or if you like more than 98% recovery rate), why do we need a vaccine that is only 95% effective. Why don’t we concentrate on improving what is making our recovery rate so high, so that we achieve 100% recovery? If it’s herbal remedies, let’s perfect it.
    3. There’s still a lot that is not known because the vaccines were rushed through the usual thorough study, so there’s a lot we still don’t know.
    4. If however, you’re in an environment like US, where it looks like it’s vaccine or die, what choice do you have?

    Yes, there’s a lot of questions, but finally it should be each person’s individual choice.

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