CHIBUZOR: How is the ministry going?

FADA TEC: God has been gracious to us


I see it in your uploads

we look up to you

FADA TEC: Haha nooooo. We are mere forennners for you guys. You guys have better opportunites than we do for those who will be more creative.

Commitment and creativity in cooperating with the grace of God.

That’s the key word.

CHIBUZOR: Keep us in your masses and prayers, pls.

FADA TEC: Alright I will.


But you guys have gone way too far that we may find it very difficult catching up

FADA TEC: It’s not howfr but how well

CHIBUZOR: you people should at least apply brakes from time to time

But you are doing it so well too

FADA TEC: Lol. If we have failed break, then it means that danger looms. So you, have better opportunities to be applying break.

Like seriously, if you come into the ministry, you will discover that we have not even started.


I can imagine how vast the ministry is

In fact we need pace setter like you

So that we don’t put sleep in our eyes as we copy you

Fr, what are your experiences in UNN like?

Especially as regards the youths after Corona

In so many places, many of them are turning towards paganism.

FADA TEC: their absence offered me the enabling environment for Tt media and their presence now is helping me stabilize. Pastoral experience is about making good use of the opportunities that God offers. It’s not necessarily about where you are working but what you are doing. Before COVID break, it was as if only in their presence that I can become relevant, but in their absence, I become relevant. And the journey continues even now that they are writing exams. However, there is joy, when they are around. It was not really easy for me within that ten months. I missed them and they missed me more.

CHIBUZOR: This is inspirational


I just went through your status now

Am still listening

FADA TEC: Not really paganism, only that we ministers have not been able to capture the signs of time. The world is changing sporadically and the youths are the first recipients of that unavoidable change. But unfortunately, we are already losing hope in them whereas the change has just begun. It’s all about engaging them spiritually based on what is trending and we shall still remain in charge. They are our contemporaries, if we stick on the procedure that our elders used for their contemporaries, our own contemporaries will elude us. That is why I said ealier, you guys have better opportunity if you realize the truth before you join us. Its no longer about the parish you are, because it is already filled, it is about what you do after studying where you are working. The greater problem is to conclude that someone is already there and so, your dreams are shattered. Everyone is blessed with different potentiality. If someone else is or was posted to UNN, he would have gotten something than Tecsthought Media. And if I were posted to somewhere else, the thought is Tt Media may not have come up, through the grace of God, something better or lesser would have emerged considering the environment that I am working. So that five letter word GRACE, should never be neglected in all our efforts.

Actually where you are working helps, I cannot doubt that, but what you do, based on wherever you have found yourself is the greatest determinant of our success.

FADA TEC: lol. Ok thanks. Fr. Bishop visited us.

CHIBUZOR: woowww!!!!!!!

I need more of this kind of Enlightment

Especially from someone in the field already

You know ….. While with Prof Nnoruka in Catechesis in yr 3, things of the above nature were discussed.

But they made better clarity to me now.

We talked about failed Sunday evening instruction and what to replace it with

Till today, I personally have not gotten a good answer to that

But I have a clue with this internet social media now

FADA TEC: failed? it has not ooo. I do it both off lines by 4:30pm and online by 8:30pm, and both have been very interesting. I repeat, it is about method. If take these methods to my village Ezimo, I will be frustrated, and if I assume the successful method at Ezimo to UNN, I will be left alone in the church.

CHIBUZOR: previously, I have been thinking on reorganizing catechism classes of 1st holy communicants in a more efficient way.

Well, I guess its all about the nature of one’s grace of assignment as said

Hahaha… left alone indeed

How do you evaluate the number that attends the offline 4:30 one?

Is it proportionate to the general number of catholics in the chaplaincy?

FADA TEC: exactly, very necessary, one of the projects in the let’s talk it App now is talking the catechism both write up and audio (English and Igbo language) into the section of the App called church and tradition. So, with that we make the same teaching more and more interesting for our contemporaries as it was for the contemporaries of our elder brothers in the ministry during the use of the yellow catechism book.

Very encouraging and its always very discursive.

CHIBUZOR: of course we don’t expect all of them there, but do you normally have a reasonable number in attendance

You are actually brainstorming me; am thinking

Fr it seems your lunch is ready.

FADA TEC: Sure we do. Sometimes they fill the church probably because some come for evening mass.

Very necessary in this ministry especially in the field. Not just in the class.

No. I went to celebrate mass for the children. Another interesting apostolate that could be very enriching if the youth would allow me

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