So this is still realistic in the world of today. Lovelyn is about to be trapped into the mess. Could there be light at the end of the covenant tunnel? Below is her story

My journey of love begun when I started dating a guy who later on the track of love proposed on me on March 26th 2020, this date has become part of my life. After the engagement process which I accepted on that that fateful day, we moved on to the next step which was the process of marriage.

First, in the course of our marriage process, my fiance decided to meet with my brother whom I stay with before we could see my parent. Which we later did within the space of two months.

Earlier this month, my husband to be invited me to his house asking me to stop going on social media. To worsen the situation he asked me to change my phone line. As day go on and on,  he went further stopping me from seeing my male friends. Nevertheless, the part that made me seek help from let’s talk it was that he wants us to have a blood engagement.
            Pls sir or ma what should I do?????


  1. To me blood covenant is never an option in this our modern society because I have had stories on how those who did it ended in regret. I believe that in a genuine relationship if there’s a true love and commitment infidelity or unfaithfulness is never thought of. To engage in blood covenant means that there’s no trust in the relationship and faithfulness is wanting. A relationship has to be built on trust, so my advice is reverse from the man for now soak yourself in prayer and believe with time things will unfold according to God’s will.

  2. Lovely, you should really thank God that this your so called husband-to- be started early to unfold himself. You better take heed and reverse back from him. He is very insecured and this is not a good sign for marriage you look forward to. Go and get meaningfully busy and continue to soak yourself in prayers.

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