Another Four Year Labyrinth of Difficulties. Vol.5 No. 8

Few weeks ago, social media gave us persuasive reasons in dramas, songs and speeches to come out and exercise our franchise. Many obeyed but unfortunately, our efforts seemed so negligible that many regretted their active participation in the electoral process. Some even lost their lives in an attempt to ensure free and fair election. On the long run, it became obvious that we were getting worried over what we cannot change.

Leadership is a pretty serious business but in Nigeria, people get into power purely by accident catalysed by some cabals for their selfish ends. Imagine Buhari who once said that he doesn’t want to be president, has been literally pulled to the second tenure. He took over from Jonathan, who was already contented with deputy governor of Bayelsa when Olusegun pulled him to stay with Yaradua. Yaradua had already written an application to Ahmed Bello University before he was selected to be one. Olusegun was in prison in Yola when they brought him to be president. He took over from Abdusalam whose resignation letter was at the table of Abacha before he died. Even Shehu Shagari wanted to be senator and he was made the president. How can we be doing the same thing and expect a different outcome? The above historical insight expresses the certainty that electoral process has never for once resulted from the wish of the masses but the caprices of some cabals who want to accumulate wealth for their unknown generations to the detriment of the nation.

As usual, we are getting ready to make unbearable inroads into another four year labyrinth of difficulties. Like dogs tied to a cart. If it resists the motion of the cart by lying down when the cart starts to move, the body will be injured. But if it gets up and run along with the cart, the heart will be injured. In both alternatives, there exist crisis of comfort and crisis of conscience respectively. Actually, the pitiable situation of our nation is very disheartening but critics and blames seem not to be profering solutions because the conscience of the cabals are dead to the plight of the people.

However, I wish to lend credence to this saying bequeathed to mankind by the Greek physician or philosopher, Sextus Empiricus, who lived in Alexandria and Athens in the 3rd century. It goes thus “the mills of the gods grind slowly but they grind exceedingly fine”. In everyday language, it means justice may be slow, but it will come eventually. It also means that God may not answer our petition immediately but he will eventually respond at his own time. God’s dealing comes with calm-sure footedness and not at the dizzying speed that some people would have wanted against the imminent destruction of all the cabals hindering the progress of our fatherland.

Leo Tolstoy would tell us that patience and time are the most powerful warriors to conquer the present condition. And Joyce Meyer clarified that patience is not simply the ability to wait but it’s how we behave while we are waiting. Let us not wait with the attitude that God is treating us with contempt, scorn, derision, flippancy and levity. Let us not express an attitude of hopelessness. Rather let us prayerfully anticipate when the almighty God shall arise and scatter the oppressors of his own people in Nigeria as smoke is blown away and the wicked perish at his presence like wax melts before the fire. (Psalm 68:1). I humbly wish that our solidarity may draw the peaceful presence of the Lord to give us strength everywhere as we continue to rise on wings of prayer in the next four years. I passionately encourage us not to rest on our laurels bearing in mind that God’s ways are not our ways. Besides that is why he is called God. The Israelites had longer and more terrible experiences in Egypt, Assyria and Babylon, but today we are proud sharing their stories.

Far more importantly, may these difficult moments offer us more reasons to cling unto God who alone can kill the body and the soul, and send them to hell. That is to say, in spite of the horrendous conditions caused by man’s inhumanity to man, our unreserved relationship with God will surely grant us eternal joy which is the ultimate goal of our existence. Against this backdrop therefore, may we not compromise our stand as a result of money, fears or favours as we continue to struggle on the part of justice towards securing a better future for our children. Only time shall tell and eternity shall testify that we actually fought a good fight.

The Lord of host is with us, the God of Jacob is our stronghold!

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