…And She gave it a trial! Vol.1 No.19

Standing by the road was a slim fair skinned lady that the almighty God made in fine definitions. It was late in the evening and she was waiting anxiously for a taxi she wasn’t sure was forth coming. To make matters worse, it soon began to drizzle. She was becoming soaked and desperate when a Lexus 350 tinted glass appeared from the corner and pulled up in front of her. A handsome promising young man in a pair of dark suits sat alone behind, at the owner’s corner. Yet, when the right front door swung open and the driver beckoned to her to come aboard, she could not reject the offer in her circumstances. Soon inside, the dark man in the dark suits told her he loved giving lifts to students. He was a very inquisitive fellow. “My name is Denis and you?” he inquired. “I am Jennifer” she replied. And when he learnt that she was a Christian, he immediately asked her, which domination? Catholic she replied in all innocence. I am a Seven Day Adventist and I too belong to the Holy Catholicism. The lady captured the joke. In spite of several arguments, she implicitly refused getting married outside the Holy Roman Catholic Church. But not without exchanging contacts with him.

After several months, Jennifer knew of course that Denis had for some time been casting his hook and baits for her to the extent of changing denomination. On her own side, she had remained the coquette, delighting herself running daintily as a chased chick. And the more she ran, the harder he went after her consciously oblivious any third eyes that might be interested on their race or better still their chicken chase. In fact, he was frequenting church activities just for want of a place where he could sit next to her. And he made sure he never missed the opportunities. At service especially during the preacher’s exhortations, he would usually laugh, giggle or smile and gesticulate in such a way as to gain her approval, especially on the initial marital intention which necessitated his exerted efforts in the activities of the Catholic Church, including morning masses. Jennifer knew all these. She also knew how he surreptitiously stole intermittent glance at her. Yet she feigned indifference although she was gradually becoming internally interested in him. She was anxiously awaiting a second marriage proposal. For Jennifer, if Denis could abandon Anglican Church just because of her, then it must be a true love. “I think I must give it a trial” she concluded. After three months of normal marriage course, the matrimonial union was sacramentally sealed and subsequently consummated. For Denis, he would confidently give a victorious expression of a conqueror “I came, I saw, and I conquered.” Whereas for Jennifer, she has won a son for God through her beauty. The untold effects of the union began when Denis, few months after their marriage began to cultivate a snail pace attitude towards Catholic activities. One of the most pitiable situation during this period was the absence of Denis and the observable loneliness of Jennifer during the feast of the Holy Family, where the priest requests every family to choose a particular pew for themselves in the church. The solemn scenario was so unbearable for Jennifer that she had to confront her hubby. “My dear, it is time for me to be realistic with myself, I find it difficult to participate in the activities because I cannot memorize their mode of prayers, I pretended it was easy to recite before the marriage” Denis opened up. Nevertheless, the repetition of similar situation and certain family faith misunderstanding became so agonizing for Jennifer that she had to join her husband in his own church. Perhaps, that could be the only best alternative since annulment is mot permissible.

Three years later, the tempo of the matrimonial bliss have been gradually corrupted from “Mummy please, let us go home” into “Mama Chy, take the children home, we have some issues to resolve in the church” It was not an issue for Jennifer, until the staying back became nocturnal activities, and the culture of taking supper together flew into extinction. Jennifer’s complaint became unavoidable when Denis started to show sign of uninterestedness to the most intimate expression of their matrimonial bliss. “To have married you should not restrict me from the company of friends that I knew even before seeing you for the first time,” Dennis shouted on her. (Perhaps, the beauty that drew Denis to do everything possible to have Jennifer has faded away).

In her painful agony, Jennifer lamented, “my loneliness in the pews of the church has been extended to my matrimonial bed, all because I gave it a trial”. How the young girls would ever package the rest of their life after marriage remains a food for thought… The struggle starts now that you are charming, but not without God’s grace. NEVER GIVE A TRIAL TO THE SACRAMENT OF MATRIMONY!!!

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