An Exposition to Human Sexuality, A Timely Response. Volume. 3 No. 5

Human sexuality is a general term that covers or embraces our basic identity as male or female, our capacity for relationships with the self, others and God, and those feelings that activate the genital organs. This very last description of human sexuality (feeling that activate the genital organs) has made it difficult issue for discussion except in esoteric medium. But its consequential effects in these recent times calls for the courage to clarify some confusions.
Meanwhile, in traditional African, sex was safeguarded with taboos. It was sacred and open discussion of it especially with children was frowned at. Well, our forefathers, in their own time, were very shrewd as regards the sacredness of human sexuality. They assumed formerly that the knowledge of sex was dangerous especially to the young. But things are increasingly changing such that their belief can no longer withstand the test of time. Our modern method of communication; the press, radio, music, movies, literature, are tainted with sly innuendos and salacious nuances giving an improper turn to legitimate sex knowledge. Worse still, pornography and materials on human sexuality are sometimes used to attract the attention of the internet user even when he or she does not intend to search for such information. Indication therefore emerged that whether we will it or not, we are getting sex information, and much of it is incorrect and provocative. It stirs our curiosity and throws us into doubt and confusion, and worse still, self-destruction if not properly attended.
Against this backdrop therefore, as we struggle to catch up with the time, we need more than ever before, loving and responsible guidance on the appreciation and experience of human sexuality. It is the task of the parents as the first custodians of the youth, to give our children the right information regarding human sexuality than to shift them to uninformed peers, confused teachers and corrupted unreliable media. Thus, the Igbo says, if you don’t lick your lips, the harmarttan will do it for you a great harm.
Far more importantly, we are not unaware that some parents are the products of that traditional setting that safeguarded human sexuality with various taboos. Hence, their incompetence to educate their children in this regard may not be strange. Nevertheless, it is necessary to bring to our consciousness that sexuality education should and at a mature an integrated development of the whole person. It is to cover the whole area of our basic sexuality (that is being male or female) and its affective and genital manifestations. Children especially, are to be helped to appreciate, accommodate and welcome the fact of their being male or female and their experience of arousal mechanisms.
It is worthy to note here that sexuality education is not just about information on the biology of reproduction. Beyond this, human sexuality is God’s gift that is geared towards life-promoting, relationship and love. Our basic sexuality that is, being male or female, influences and colours our self-perception and understanding of reality. No wonder, Professor William Kraft in his enlightening work “Whole and Holy sexuality (1989) stated that how we comport ourselves and relate to others depends on our appreciation and understanding of what being male of female means. Of course, the sexes, which is male and female are different but equal and complementary.
Again, human sexuality is a relational power which expresses itself in its affective and genital modes. Affective sexuality is about interpersonal intimacy. It is about the human need and desire to be close to another. A compassionate word, a comforting touch and interpersonal care are all experiences of affectivity. It can but must not arouse genital sexuality, which distorts our appreciation of this precious gift of God, and reduce man to the form of beast or irrational animal. By implication, human body becomes nothing but sex objects that should be available for use as the other wishes and chooses. It is our bizarre attitude to sex and lack of sex education that caused broken homes and several divorces in our modern society. The headlines of the newspapers displaying horrendous sex crimes and juvenile delinquency are also effects. Therefore, sexuality education implies not only sex knowledge, but also achievement of mastery and control over sexual powers. If the knowledge is properly presented, it will lead to a healthy attitude toward sex. In all, sex in itself is beautiful, sublime and sacred and must be properly handled.

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