Let’s go with verse 15 (Matt.26:15). It says: he (Judas) went to them, and said, what will ye give me?

First and foremost, it’s really bizarre to observe that immediately after an instance of the greatest kindness done to Christ (triumphant entry into Jerusalem), follows an instance of greatest unkindness (tormenting journey to Calvary) caused by an apostle Judas.

HE WENT TO THEM: From the above verse (15), we could notice that the chief priests did not send for Judas, nor make the proposal to him. They could not have thought that one of Christ’s own disciples should betray him until Judas showed interest. Indication therefore emerge that there are those, even among Christ’s followers, that are worse than anyone can imagine them to be, and want nothing but opportunity to show it.

WHAT WILL YE GIVE ME?: In Mtt. 4:9, Satan tempted our Saviour with this bait, all these things will I give thee…; but Judas, in Mtt. 26:15, offered himself to be tempted with it by the above question. As the apostolic treasurer, Judas was living well. So, his problem was not the lack of money but the love of money that is the root of all evil. And immediately the chief priests covenanted with him for thirty pieces of silver, the price of a slave (Ex.21:32), he catches at that first offer, lest the next should be worse. As if our blessed Lord was a commodity that stuck on his hands.

LESSON: The difficulty to get our blessed Lord was insuperable for the chief priests; till Judas (a disciple) came in, and offered them his service. Note, the greater profession men make of a religion, and the more they are employed in the study and service of it, the greater opportunity they have of doing mischief, if their hearts be not right with God. That is to say; if Judas had not been an apostle, he could not have been a traitor.

Let us intensify prayers for our Church leaders including my humble self.

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