Could it be that Daniel, the biochemistry student in UNN, Committed suicide as a result of not knowing this earlier?

*4TH WEEK OF LENT: A Reflection*

It is a battle between the forces of Darkness and the Light. The ultimate Judgment in the trial is against Sin and Death. We grow in gratitude and grace as we experience more deeply that Jesus did this “for us.”

The first reading 2 Chronicles 36:14-23 narrates the pitiable condition of Israelites in babylon under the cruel hands of king Nebuchadnezzar.

In the second reading, St Paul reveals to the Ephesians as he confides in us today that whatever we do is based on Grace (Ephesians 2:4-10) and not our human efforts.

While in the gospel of today, our Blessed Lord unveils the secret and source of this Grace (Jn.3:14-21). He says, just as Moses raised up the bronze serpent 🐍, and every Israelite who looked up to it, was saved, so must the son of Man be lifted up so that whoever believes in him, shall have eternal life.

In a world of bewilderment, in a Nigeria of untold wilderness, corrupted by an agonizing structure of education, in which students are becoming mentally deranged and even committing suicide like that of a student of biochemistry in UNN which happened two days ago, we cannot but look up to Christ the source of our salvation. He alone can offer us a meaningful existence.

The young man who Committed suicide thought of it and carried it out because he could no longer find meaning for living on earth. He had earlier attempted the same unthinkable act by drinking hypo mixed with relaxer but was saved, then decided to fall from a two storey building. One could imagine the type of depression felt by a right thinking handsome guy, that will lead to this.

Let us not give Satan such unfortunate opportunity. Satan will always try to give us the impression that God has abandoned us because we are sinners, just like the babylonian soldiers gave the israelites the impression that God has abondoned them, and some of them lost hope of redemption from babylonian exile. Satan will tell you that you are a thief, a liar, a fornicator, masturbator or remind you of atrocious acts that could make you feel that God has given up on you. But tell him that you are still a christian and you are lightπŸ‘.

However, let us not give God the impression that we have lost hope in him. Let us prove to him that we are still very much interested in belonging to him inspite of our human weaknesses and then make effort to be liberated from the chains of evil ones. That unwanted chain can really be destructive if we allow it into our life. But then, God no go shame us.

God bless us πŸ™

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