The Hidden Treasure, The Fine Pearl and The Dragnet. Vol. 8, No. 6

An interactive discussion between the moderator and the members of Bed Briefing House on (The Hidden Treasure, The Fine Pearl and The Dragnet)

Date: 30th July 2020.

Venue: Bed Briefing House WhatsApp Group.

Moderator and Convener : Rev Fr Ugwueze Teclus.

Time: 7pm

(Collation: Benita, member of the team “let’s talk it App”

The Hidden Treasure, The Fine Pearl and The Dragnet.

The first two images; the treasure and the pearl from the Gospel of Mathew 13:44-52 want us to see how we value God’s Kingdom and the premium we set on it. In other words, can we really sell everything we possess for the sake of God’s Kingdom, which we cannot see physically? This really demands God’s abundant Grace! I doubt if it is possible to love God without selling something for his sake.

Meanwhile, it reminds us that there are ways in which we can discover our faith:
-firstly, with regard to the hidden treasure discovered by a certain man, who sold everything to buy it, it is a result of accident or divine intervention because he was not looking for it.
-The second is that of the fine pearl discovered by the merchant, we could observe that it is through a conscious and painstaking search. By implication therefore, St. Paul represent the first group while St Augustine represent the second group.

Well let’s continue,

Based on these two ways of coming to Faith in CHRIST, Most of us are christians today because we’re born into Christian families. We are Catholics because that is the faith of our Catholic parents.
But there are those who came to Faith as a result of personal search for God.
Among these two groups, which do you think should be well grounded in Faith? Those born into it or those who discovered it later?
Note that the question says “should be”

Those born into it should because they started from childhood and grew up knowing every bit of their faith so they should know better, if actually their parents did their work raising them in that faith.
However, most times those born into it still hold on to it because of the fear of their parents when they were still under them and they are mostly the ones who leave the church easily once they are on their own but those who discover it has been convinced and will find it difficult to leave.

The fact that they sold everything they possess before in order to buy the greatest of all treasure shows their conviction in what they have discovered. On the contrary, how can someone trade the sacraments he or she received, for the sake of financial advancement, social connection and marital fortunes?
One can do so for financial freedom, marital fortunes etc by loosing trust and faith in the sacraments of the church and in the power of God.

A lady who got married to a non Catholic with the promise that she will remain a Catholic with her future children, but after marriage, the husband denied the promise. Did she trade her Christian faith for Marital fortunes? Yes she did. Probably she was desperate to get married and thus decided to marry just anybody so she was easily deceived by the promise. She didn’t have faith that God has better plans for her.

A man who was asked to leave Catholic Church and become a Muslim in order to win a multi million contract of building a mosque. He accepted the offer, but later built a gigantic cathedral for his Catholic Diocese, did he trade his Christian faith? Totally. He denied his faith, collected money for a mosque and then built a church.
He committed many sins; Faith denial and theft or deceit.
Even God will not be happy with him. The end does not justify the means. There is no reward for that man. Christ said it that anyone who denies Him in the presence of man shall be denied by Him in heaven.

Another issue is that most men will always demand for sex before marriage. Having insisted on no sex until after marriage and many men keep rejecting. If you clock 40years and then decide to trade your Faith, what’s the implication, if you continue with the same level of your Spirituality even after marriage?🤔🤔
Fr. Bede in Abuja always said ” Do not do anything in this life that will affect your prayers with God” The implication is that God might also trade on you because you lost trust in him.
We know that God doesn’t operate with time so you being 40 years on earth might just be 20 years in the sight of God, so you ought to stand on ur faith for he does his things in his own way and at the appointed time.
Just look at the story of Abraham and Sarah!

We’re taught that the greatest of all treasure is God’s will.
Can accepting and doing God’s will give peace to our heart, joy to our mind and beauty to our lives?
Yes only if you have totally surrendered all of your being to Him.
No if you are clouded by the worries of the world.

Finally, our Blessed Lord likened the kingdom of God to the nature of the DRAGNET which does not discriminate. On this ground therefore, at what level should we be discouraged on the kind of people we see in the church? A priest who is a murderer? Catechist that has three wives without wedding? An armed robber known to be philanthropic and is given a front seat in the Church? Or which other thing can discourage us from attending church???
At no point. You have to know who and what you are there for.
You shouldn’t be in the Church because of anybody or anything. You should make it a duty to be in the Church because of worshipping God. Hence no reason will make you leave the church. God does not change.

God bless you
Moderated by Rev. Fr. Teclus Ikechukwu UGWUEZE and collated by Miss Aniebo Benita

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